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OWNER = The manual that comes with the unit - tells you how to use it. Sometimes called user or instructions
SERVICE = used by technicians to repair the unit
OWNER SERVICE = Sometimes manufacturers provide the OWNERS manual with the SERVICE manual
SCHEMATIC = Only the schematic for the unit
SCHEMATIC BOARD = Includes the SCHEMATIC and the Printed Circuit BOARD layouts
BULLETIN = Issued by the manufacturer to cover a problem or note a change
CHANGE = The unit's been modified or a unit derived from another model
SALES = Brochure or other advertising media

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Marantz manuals

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Model #Descriptiontype
1030Integrated Amplifierservice
1040Integrated Amplifierservice
1060Integrated Amplifierservice
1060BIntegrated Amplifierservice
1070Integrated Amplifierservice
1200Integrated Amplifierservice
1200BIntegrated Amplifierbulletin
1120Integrated Amplifierservice
1122DCIntegrated Amplifierservice
14, 15 (Fourteen, Fifteen)Power Amplifierservice
16 (Sixteen)Power Amplifierservice
24 (Model Twenty Four)Tuner PReamplifierservice
250, Model 250, Model Two FiftyPower Amplifierservice
300DCPower Amplifierservice
2220B (stamped with "Modified with Dolby")Receiverservice
40004-Channel Integrated Amplifierservice
40704-Channel Preamplifierservice
41404-Channel Preamplifierservice
42204-Channel Receiverservice
42404-Channel Receiverservice
4270Quadradial Receiverservice
4300Quadradial Receiverservice
44004-Channel Receiverservice
44154-Channel Receiverservice
44304-Channel Receiverservice
5010, 5010BCassette Deckservice
5020Cassette Deckservice
5025, 5025BCassette Deckservice
5030Cassette Deckservice
510, 510MPower Amplifierservice
5120Cassette Deckservice
5200Cassette Deckservice
5220Cassette Deckservice
5400Cassette Deckservice
5420Cassette Deckservice
600, 900, 920, 930, 940Loudspeakerservice
CAR-312 (CAR312)AM FM Cassetteservice
CAR-320AM FM Cassetteservice
CAR-322In-Dash AM FM Cassetteservice
CAR-330In-Dash AM FM Cassetteservice
CAR-340In-Dash AM FM Cassetteservice
CAR-350In-Dash AM FM Cassetteservice
CAR-400 (Computuner)In-Dash AM FM Cassetteservice
CC3000, CC4000, CC4000F, CC4000OSE5-Disc CD Changerservice
CD-73CD Playerservice
CD-400CD-4 Disc Demodulatorservice
CD-400BCD-4 Disc Demodulatorservice
CD53, CD63CD Playerservice
CD-84, CD-74CD Playerservice
CP430, PMD430Cassette Recorderservice
DL3507Cassette Deckservice
DV18DVD Playerservice
DV9600SACD DVD Playerowner
HD-44, HD-55, HD-66, HD-77, HD-88, HD-440, HD-550, HD-660, HD-770, HD-880Loudspeakerservice
HLM-208, HLM-308, HLM-310, HLM-312Loudspeakerservice
Imperial 4B, 4G, 5, 5G, 6, 6B, 6G, 7, 8, 9Loudspeakerservice
LV510U, LV510KMulti LD Playerservice
M-2, M-10, M-16Loudspeakerservice
M10 (M-10)Loudspeakerowner
MM500, SM500Amplifierservice
MA500UMono Amplifierservice
MS-10, MS-15, MS-20, MS-25 (DS-601, DS-602, DS-604)Speakerservice
Pm-5Esotec Integrated Amplifierservice
PM550DC, MA650Integrated Amplifierowner service
PM730Integrated Amplifierservice
PM750DCIntegrated Amplifierservice
PMD330, PMD331, PMD340CD Playerservice
PMD-200, PMD-220Portable Cassette Recorderservice
PMD-340Portable Cassette Recorderservice
PMD-360Portable Cassette Recorderservice
PMS-3020Radio Cassette Recorderservice
PMS-3040Portable AM FM Cassette Recorderservice
PMS-3500 (PMS3500)Portable Component Systemservice
PMS-6000Portable Stereo Systemservice
PV6111WProjection TVservice
SA-230 (SA230)Power Amplifierservice
SA-247Amplifier Equalizerservice
SD-1015, SD-1015RCassette Deckservice
SD221Cassette Deckservice
SD321Cassette Deckservice
SD333Cassette Deckservice
SD3510 (SD-3510)Cassette Deckowner
SD5010 (SD-5010)Cassette Deckservice
SD525UCassette Deckservice
SD6000 (SD-6000)Cassette Deckservice
SD8000 (SD-8000)Cassette Deckservice
SD9000, SD9000G (SD-9000, SD-9000G)Cassette Deckservice
Sm-6 (Esotec series)Amplifierservice
SM500DCPower Amplifierservice
SP-1030, SP-1230Loudspeakerservice
SQA-2SQ Adaptorservice
SQA-2BSQ Adaptorservice
SR-73U, SR-73KAV Receiverservice
SR-82U, SR-82KAV Receiverservice
SR-92U, SR-92KAV Receiverservice
SR1000 (SR-1000)Receiverservice
SR1100 (SR-1100)Receiverservice
SR220, SR220LReceiverservice
SR3100, MR1135 (SR-3100, MR-1135)Receiverservice
SR430, SR430LReceiverservice
SR640, SR440Receiverservice
SR5000 (SR-5000)AV Receiverservice
SR5100, MR1155 (SR-5100, MR-1155)Receiverservice
SR7000, SR8000 (SR-7000, SR-8000) (2002)AV Receiverservice
SR8000 (SR-8000) (1980)Receiverservice
SR840, SR940Receiverservice
ST310, MT350Tunerservice
ST450Tunerowner service
ST500, ST500GTunerservice
TA100Component Stereo Systemservice
TA110, TA150Component Stereo Systemservice
TT1020 (TT-1020)Turntableowner
TT1060 (TT-1060)Turntableservice
TT151 (TT-151)Turntableservice
TT4200 (TT-4200)Turntableservice

Additional Alphabetical listings, below:

4 Mk II Loudspeaker Service Data
5 Mk II Loudspeaker Service Data
6 Mk II Loudspeaker Service Data
7 Mk II Loudspeaker Service Data
8 Mk II Loudspeaker Service Data
12M Loudspeaker Service Data
15M Loudspeaker Service Data
18M Loudspeaker Service Data
20 Receiver Service manual
22M Loudspeaker Service Data
22R Receiver Changes from 22 bulletin
23 Tuner Service manual
24M Loudspeaker Service Data
25 Receiver Service manual
26 Receiver Service manual
26M Loudspeaker Service Data
27 Receiver Service manual
28 Receiver Service manual
30 Integrated Amplifier Service manual
32 Service Manual
33 Preamp Service manual
74SR670 & SR-670 Audio Video Surround Receiver service manual
104 AM FM Tuner Service manual
105 Stereo Tuner Service manual
105B Stereo Tuner Service manual
110 Stereo Tuner Service manual)
115 Stereo Tuner Service manual
115B Stereo Tuner Service manual
120 Stereo Tuner Service manual)
125 Stereo Tuner Service manual
140 Power Amplifier Service manual)
150 AM FM Stereo Tuner Service manual
170DC Power Amplifier Service manual
200 Loudspeaker Service manual
240 Power Amplifier Service manual
250M Power Amplifier Service Manual
400 Loudspeaker Service manual
500 Power Amplifier Service manual
1150 Integrated Amplifier Service manual
1150D Integrated Amplifier Service manual
1152DC Integrated Amplifier Service manual
1180DC Integrated Amplifier Service manual
1250 Integrated Amplifier Service manual
1515, MR215 & MR220 Receiver Service manual
1530, MR230 & MR235 Receiver Service manual
1550, MR250 & MR255 Receiver Service manual
1810 & MCD810 Stereo Cassette Deck Service manual
2020 & 2050 Stereo Tuner Service manual
2100 AM FM Stereo Tuner Service manual
2130 AM FM Stereo Tuner Service manualn
2235 Stereo Receiver Service manual
2235B Stereo Receiver Service manual
2238 Stereo Receiver Service manual
2238B Stereo Receiver Service manual
2245 Receiver Service manual
2250B Receiver Service manual
2252 Receiver Service manual
2252B Receiver Service manual
2265 Stereo Receiver Service manual
2265B Stereo Receiver Service manual
2270 Stereo Receiver Service manual
2275 Stereo Receiver Service manual)
2285 Stereo Receiver Service manual
2325 Stereo Receiver Service manual)
2330 Stereo Receiver Service manual
2440 Quadradial Receiver Service manual
3250 Preamplifier Service manual
3250B Preamplifier Service manual
3650 Preamplifier Service manual
4025 & MCR425 Stereo Recording (cassette) Receiver Service manual
4060 Quadradial Integrated Amplifier Service manual
4100 Quadradial Amplifier Service manual
4230 Stereo plus Quadradial Receiver Service manual
5000 & 1820 MK II Cassette Deck Service manuals
5010B, 5025, 5025B, 5030 & 5030B Cassette Recorder Service bulletins
5025 & 5025B (changes sheet) Cassette Deck Service manual
6025 Turntable Service manual
6025 Turntable Service manual
6140 Turntable Service manual
6150 Turntable Service manual
6170 Turntable Service manual
6350 Turntable Service manual
AT333 (remote control model RMC-10) Audio Timer Service manual
C-516 Stereo Music System Service manual
C-5080 Stereo Music System Service manual
CAR-300 In-Dash AM/FM Cassette Service Manual
CAR-301 & CAR-302 In-Dash AM/FM Cassette Service Manual
CAR-310 In-Dash AM/FM Cassette Service Manual
CAR-312 AM/FM Stereo compu-skip Auto Eject Cassette, Service Manual
CAR-320 AM/FM Stereo, CMS-Auto reverse-IMS, Service Manual
CAR-322 AM/FM Stereo w/auto-reverse cassette, Service Manual
CAR-340 AM/FM Stereo w/auto-eject cassette, Service Manual
CAR-350 AM/FM Stereo w/auto-reverse cassette, Service Manual
CAR-355 Digital AM/FM Stereo w/auto-reverse cassette, Service Manual
CAR-360 Digital AM/FM Stereo w/auto-reverse cassette, Service Manual
CAR-362 Digital AM/FM Stereo w/auto-reverse cassette, Service Manual
CAR-427 In-Dash Car Stereo Tuner Preamp Service Manual
CD30 & CD50 CD Player Service manual
CD-54 CD Player Service manual
CD-152 In-Dash CD Player Service Manual
CD320 RFI Interference Modification
CD330 RFI Interference Modification
CDR500 CD Recorder Player User Guide
CS-65 & DS-603 3-Way Loudspeaker Service manual
CS500 Stereo Audio System Service manual
CS550 Stereo Audio System with Remote control Service manual
CX-550 Compact Audio System Service manual
CX-560 Compact Audio System (with 8-track) Service manual
CX-580 & RT-3800 Compact Audio System Service manual
DA2452SG, DA2452SB & DA2452CB Cassette Deck Service manual
DLB-1 Dolby Plug-in FM Decoder Service manual
EQ-10 Stereo Graphic Equalizer Service manual
EQ-130 Stereo Graphic Equalizer Service manual
IA2232SG, IA2232SB & IA2232CB Integrated Amplifier Service manual
MA400 Integrated Power Amplifier change notice
MA530, PM300a & PM300ZA Service manual
MA600 Amplifier Service manual change sheet
MR-250 Color Television Monitor Service manual
MR255 Color Television Monitor Service manual
MR-1120 Service manual changes for manual
MR-1130 Receiver Service bulletin
MR-1170 Stereo Receiver Service manual changes
PM-64 & PM-54 Integrated Amplifier Service manual
PM-94 Integrated Amplifier Service manual
PM225 Amplifier Service manual (used in DC525L, DC325 & DC325L systems)
PM300 Amplifier Service manual
PM325 Amplifier Service manual (used in DC625, DC625L, DC425 & DC425L systems)
PM350 Amplifier Service manual)
PM433 Amplifier Service manual and change sheet for PM433U
PM440 Amplifier Service manual
PM500 & PM700 Amplifier Service manual
PM-550DC Stereo Console Amplifier, Service Manual
PM700 (see PM500 above)
PMD201 (see PMD221 below)
PMD221 & PMD201 Cassette Recorder Service manual
PMD222 Cassette Recorder Service manual
PMD420 & CP230 Stereo Cassette Recorder Service manual
PMS-3020 Radio Stereo Cassette Recorder, Service Manual
PMS-3040 Radio Stereo Cassette Recorder, Service Manual
PMS-3500 Center Stereo System, Service Manual
RC-4 4-Channel Remote Control Service manual
RC430 (RMC-12) Remote Control Receiver Service manual
RM3100 Component Cabinet - Service bulletin
SA-250 Stereo Power Amplifier, Service manual
SA-2040 Car Stereo Amplifier, Service Manual
Sc-6 (F) series Preamplifier change from Sc-6 (U) Service Manual
Sc-7 Preamplifier & Sm-7 Power Amplifier Service Manual
Sc-9 (F) series Preamplifier change from Sc-6 (U) Service Manual
SC500 Preamplifier Service Manual
SD-5 Dynamic Headphone System Service manual
SD CASSETTE ALL Service bulletin
SD142 & SD242 Cassette Deck Service manual
SD155 & SD255 Cassette Deck Service manual
SD156 Double Cassette Deck Service manual
SD-160 Stereo Cassette Deck, Service Manual
SD220 & SD320 Cassette Deck Service manual
SD-221 Stereo Cassette Deck, Service Manual
SD225 Cassette Deck Service manual
SD240 Cassette Deck Service manual
SD242 (see SD142 above)
SD255 (see SD155 above)
SD320 (see SD220)
SD-321 Stereo Cassette Deck, Service Manual
SD340 Cassette Deck Service manual
SD420 Cassette Deck Service manual
SD440 Cassette Deck Service manual
SD530 & SD630 Auto Reverse Cassette Deck Service manual
SD800 & MCD710 Stereo Cassette Deck service manual
SD1000 Cassette Deck Service manual & Service bulletins
SD1010, SD1020 & SD3020 Cassette Deck Service manual
SD-1015 /R Stereo Cassette Deck, Service Manual
SD2030 Cassette Deck Service manual
SD3000 & M5060M Cassette Deck Service manual
SD3030 Cassette Deck Service manual
SD3510 Cassette Deck Service manual
SD4000 Cassette Deck Service manual & Service bulletin
SE-1S Electrostatic Headphones & Energizer Service manual
Sm-1000 Stereo Power Amplifier Service manual
SR53 & SR63 Audio Video Stereo Receiver service manual
SR250 Stereo Receiver Service manual
SR320, SR320L, SR325 & SR325L Stereo Receiver Service manual
SR360 Stereo Receiver Service manual
SR-430 /L, Stereophonic Receiver, Service Manual
SR-440 (see SR-640 below)
SR-560 Stereophonic Receiver, Service Manual
SR620, SR620L, SR520 & SR520L Stereo Receiver Service manual
SR-640 / SR-440 Stereophonic Receiver, Service manual
SR1100 Receiver Service manual
SR2000 Receiver Service manual
SR3100 & MR1135 Receiver Service manual
SR3300 Receiver Service manual
SR4000 Receiver Service manual
SR5100 & MR1155 Receiver Service manual
SR6000 Receiver Service manual
SR7100DC Receiver Service manual
SR8000 Receiver Service manual
SR8100DC Receiver Service manual
SS-5000 & SS-5100 2 Way Focused Field Loudspeaker Service manual
ST300 & MT320 Stereo Tuner Service manual
ST310 Stereo Tuner Service manual
ST325 & ST325L Stereo Tuner (used in systems DC425, DC425L, DC325 & DC325L) Service manual
ST333 & ST333L Stereo Tuner Service manual
ST340 & ST340L Stereo Tuner Service manual
ST440 & ST-44L Stereo Tuner Service manual
ST525 & ST525L Stereo Tuner (System DC625, DC625L, DC525 & DC525L) service manual
ST530 & ST530L Stereo Tuner Service manual
TA-71, TA-71L, TA-52, TA-52L Stereo System Component Service manual
TA130 & TA165 Stereo System Component Service manual (use TA110/TA150 manual with this sheet)
TA135AV & TA170AV Stereo System Component Service manual
TT140 Turntable Service manual
TT161 Turntable Service manual
TT240 Turntable Service manual
TT333 Turntable Service manual
TT440 Turntable Service manual
TT510 Turntable Service manual
TT530 Turntable Service manual
TT1060 Turntable Service manual
TT1080 Turntable Service manual
TT1200 Turntable Service manual
TT2000 Turntable Service manual
TT2200 & TT2020 Turntable Service manual
TT4000 Turntable Service manual
TT4200 Turntable Service manual
TT6000 Turntable Service manual
TT6200 Turntable Service manual
VR200 (Beta) video recorder Service manual
VR250 Stereo video recorder Service manual
VR450 Hi-Fi Stereo video recorder Service manual
VR465HQ Stereo video recorder Service manual