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BOSE 901 Series VI for sale

They look like these:

Is anyone interested in a like new, in boxes pair of Bose 901 Series VI speakers in the special black edition?

You can read descriptions here:

I bought them over 10 years ago from someone that included them with an entire setup of Carver audio gear. I was told they were only set up for a short while and when I received them, I looked at them, and they look like brand new. All the packaging including the styrofoam inserts are there. I'll have to look but I think the manuals and warranty cards are still there as well. Comes with the Series VI equalizer too but that one is not boxed. I never used them and they've been sitting here forever. I really only purchased the setup for the Carver gear.

I would like to sell them but might entertain an interesting trade. Shipping won't be cheap since I'll probably have to ship in 3 boxes. As for power handling, I think you probably couldn't ever blow them up since they handle like 600 watts or something insane like that, or so I've read -- maybe I'm wrong. In any event, they can probably handle all the power you'll ever throw at them. Unless, you want to hook them up to a Carver PT-2400 amp that I'm going to be selling soon too (750wpc rms into 8ohms).

If you are in California, you can come inspect them in person and/or pick them up.

Drop me a line for feedback or get information: Norman



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